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The purpose of a Regional Club is to promote Appaloosas at the regional level, cooperate with the ApHC, and make opportunities for owners to gain the most possible enjoyment from their Appaloosa.
The Regional Clubs can aid in the functions and programs of the ApHC. They are the “regional representatives” for this association. Besides the show, trail riding and racing activities, the Regional Clubs are encouraged to help their members fill out registration and transfer applications, as well as other forms. This saves the ApHC, as well as the applicant, a great deal of time and money. The Regional Clubs should encourage these owners to register their horses well in advance of the deadlines.   
Regional Clubs have done an excellent job of promoting interest in Appaloosas at the local levels. Clubs have prepared Appaloosa booths at fairs, stock shows, sportsmen’s shows and state conventions. These booths have interested many people who would otherwise never be exposed to them. Many regional clubs have found that one of the best ways to retain the interest and keep attitudes positive is to provide a variety of activities. By having variety, two things are accomplished: every member can participate in some aspect he or she enjoys, and many members acquire wider interests simply because the activities are available. Having fun and promoting the Appaloosa horse are the prime regional club objectives. Interesting activities drawn from the annual regional club reports will be published in the Appaloosa Journal.   
A group of individuals with enough interest and ambition to form an organization with the prime objectives being the promotion of the Appaloosa breed can apply for a charter. This is provided that formation does not infringe upon an already existing regional club in that state or area.
A chartered regional club in their own state increases owners’ enjoyment and makes it more convenient to attend meetings and social functions, go on club-sponsored trail rides, participate in breed shows and work toward year end awards.
How To Start A Regional Club       

Any persons applying for a chartered regional club first should have a group of interested people. Then contact the Regional Club Coordinator at the ApHC to obtain the necessary information such as a sample of the model by-laws and perhaps the name of the closest National Director in your territory to help you form your regional club.
Once your regional club is organized, you will want to apply for national approval. This is done by sending the following information about your regional club to the Regional Club Coordinator.
 · Completed Regional Club Application.
 · Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.
 · List of directors, officers, committee heads, etc.
 · A list of at least 25 ApHC members in good standing including 
   addresses and ApHC membership numbers
Board approval may be issued at the regularly scheduled board meeting in March or July. When the board meets it will discuss the probability of your regional club being chartered. If the club is chartered, you will be notified in writing by the Regional Club Coordinator.

Requirements To Maintain Charter

To retain a regional club charter, each regional club must submit annually to the ApHC:
  · An annual report, signed by the President or Secretary, to be completed 
    at an annual meeting of its members. Due February 15. Notice of new 
    officers and directors must be sent to the ApHC within thirty days of the 
    election, but no later than February 15. 
  · By-law changes and any subsequent reports if any have been made 
    during that year.
  · Complete membership/address list of paid up members which must 
    include ApHC membership numbers when applicable. Due July 15.
  · Corrected/updated membership lists due September 10 in 
    conjunction with nominations for regional qualifiers for the
    World Championship Show.
  · Your club’s annual membership must continue to include at 
    least 15 ApHC members in good standing.  

Once a regional club is chartered, it may not engage in any business or activity in the name or, or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, the ApHC, without written consent of the ApHC CEO.